About me

I’m a developer from Argentina.

My father started working with computers somewhere around the 70’s. Take in mind that he was in Argentina, so the computers here where a lot behing the rest of the world.

I remember as a kid seeing some Perforated cards and big tapes around the house. Later I know what they was, but as far as I recall, I didn’t know what was happening. He worked for IBM and Bull.

But everything started with my first atari. There it was, a machine with a graphical interface and some controller. There was a joystick. I learned how to break it playing olimpics game, moving it faster from left to rigth. Then I learn how to fix them, opening it and using glue to fix the broken plastic inside them.

Off course my house was ruled by a lot of computers, including an msx, an spectrum, a Texas intrument 99/4a, and them a commodore 64 (later a 128), which was my first attemps to jump into basic, an atari computer (I don’t even remember his name), an Amiga, and later a 286…

With that, I started working seriously on some system, beggining with clipper and Dbase III plus…

Somewhere along the way, I realized this will be my life.

I made my father proud when I launched my own BBS, and when I learned how to use DOS/4 to colored files when you do a dir and when I made some shortcuts to a lot of commands, even reading the 127 pages of the ARJ manual.

Life gaves me a lot of opportunites working on the things I loved. A friend of mine call me in to his office, where they were looking for fresh developers, and started working with a lot of friends and differents technologies.

I made things in a lot of differents technologies, and worked on desktop, web and even datawarehouse.