Static Void Main()

I could start with a hello world.

I could start just saying hello and who I am…

But I wanted a different approach.

This blogs doesn’t have any particular idea. It will flow with the wind.. or with microsoft new launch… or with Evan You new idea… or with the new game I just found yesterday.. or with the new things I’m working at work… or with the last post in Stack Overflow…

The idea is to have a new sheet every once in a while, and tell you about what I found, what I discovered, what I just learned.

This blog doesn’t have a tittle.. maybe it will never have.. maybe I will come up with a fancy tittle latter. Maybe not.

Some people told me that I’m good teaching things… maybe this will be a nice playground to teach a thing or two. Or maybe just to put my comments somewhere.

Ideas flow when doing things. Lately I just found I like to work on open source projects. Started with one, working on the back end, and even on the front end. Never did a thing like that, but that open my mind.

The world has a lot of ideas, a lot of good ones, and some bad ones. I just hope I will keep the good ones, and can share them with you.

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